About The Tall Collective

Your shopping struggles end here – The Tall Collective provides a central destination for you to find tall pieces that your shorter friends will lust after.

The Tall Collective is a platform for the best tall fashion brands to sell their products and for shoppers who love unique fashion designed for tall women.

We aren’t that different. We are regular girls who have a problem – clothing and footwear seems to be made for the ‘average’ girl. We want the same styles just in different proportions. We want flats AND heels. We want denim that reaches our ankles and sleeves that reach our wrists, plus everything in between.  It’s not too much to ask.

With more people joining us at The Tall Collective, we are feeling like it’s ok to be more than average, in fact it can be great. But in case you ever lose your confidence, head on over to our Facebook group and become part of the #tallgirlsquad

Shop with us like we were a single store – all payments and refunds are managed by us at The Tall Collective – so if your order contains items from more than one of our boutiques you will still make a single payment in a single transaction at checkout, only the parts of your order will arrive separately.

If there is a store or brand that you would really like to see here at The Tall Collective you are probably not alone so let us know! Let them know too and we will do our best to get them online for you!



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