Become A Vendor

Want to know more about why you should become a vendor at The Tall Collective?

We know how tough it can be when you are a small brand trying to compete with the high street. At The Tall Collective we ultimately believe that tall fashion brands offering a unique product deserve to succeed.

We want to help you:

  • Increase your online sales
  • Specifically reach tall shoppers
  • Benefit from a universal customer base and incoming site traffic.
  • Feature in our email marketing campaigns and social media and gain brand exposure.
  • Raise the profile of your business

Selling with us is a simple process. Firstly you can apply by emailing us at, please provide your name, store address, store website and your contact details. If you don’t have a store or website please tell us a little about your products and include some images of your key pieces.

Once we have reviewed your application the process is simple and can be completed the same day:

  • Open and customize your boutique
  • Upload your collection
  • Start selling!

When you become a vendor at The Tall Collective you will gain access to customers seeking unique tall products and your store will be promoted to tall women actively seeking new trends on The Tall Collective’s customer base plus ongoing site traffic. This includes promotions in email campaigns, and social media announcing latest arrivals and special offers.

When you join The Tall Collective you will receive access to your own Seller Admin where you can view orders, manage your products and monitor your daily, weekly & monthly sales totals, giving you full control over your online inventory.

Apply by emailing us at Please provide your name, contact details, store address and store website (or details of your products if you don’t have a store).

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