Anne Marie - I Love Tall

I Love Tall

Meet Annemarie Sickeler from ‘I Love Tall’; one of the first women’s clothing retailers to join The Tall Collective. We ask Annemarie about her label, her working week and her plans for the future.

When did you start your tall brand?

In 2012 with the opening of the store in Zurich since I am from Switzerland and live there. But in my head I had the idea already back in 1995 when I was living in Vancouver, Canada and saw the for me first tall fashion store for women. Since then the idea never left me and finally in 2012 I made it a reality.

What inspired you to start your own business – what industry did you work in before?

I was working in the logistics and specialized for the oil & gas industry. Living as an expatriate in different places in the world and traveling a lot, I never found my length in clothing and thus due to my own height of 6’2″ (1.87m) I created a solution for myself and other women.

Who inspires you in life?

In general I am impressed by people who just go their way, follow their dream, their vision and despite any obstacles they just keep on following their way. And happy people and again, happy people despite what life has dealt them.

If you could own anyone’s entire wardrobe who’s would it be?

Probably mine? 🙂 I am happy with my stuff.

What’s your favourite most memorable item of clothing from any age?

Oh, there where a few; in general when I like something or a style, I keep on wearing it because I feel comfortable and not because it is fashion or not. For me it is fashion in what I feel comfortable with.

What does a typical day look like for you?

My ideal day starts with my morning sports routine either jogging or throwing some baskets etc. But right now I am a bit out of my routine. So then it is checking orders, emails, coordinating with my sale staff in the store in Hamburg and at 12 am opening the store in Zurich, Switzerland where I am taking care to serve our customers.

What do you like most about your job?

Creating a solution for tall women to find correctly proportioned clothing and seeing them to feel comfortable in their skin, the interaction with people, creating a brand and working with people.

What are your biggest challenges?

To provide what the customer is looking for; thus knowing the customers requirements and being able to supply for them.

What is next for I Love Tall?

There are many more ideas for I LOVE TALL to expand and achieve on different clothing areas in order to provide a bigger variety.

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