Vendor Policy & Intro

Our Selling Policy – The Basics

The Tall Collective is a platform for customers to place one order from many vendors. You will be notified of products on the order from your store and will dispatch directly to the customer. The Tall Collective processes all payments and refunds for customers on your behalf.  To allow the shopper a return period your payment will be made 30 days after fulfilment.


The Tall Collective takes a 20% commission inc VAT on each order.  There are no listing or membership fees. If you don’t sell anything it costs you nothing, if you do, we’re all happy!


  • Your prices need to be in line with your own website and any other platforms. If anything goes into the sale on your own site you must also adjust the price on The Tall Collective site


  • We require a minimum of 5 products per vendor. The more products you add the more exposure you will gain.


  • You can set up your own shipping charge – but please be aware if you make the shipping charge too expensive you will discourage buyers to shop from your store. Commission is not charged on shipping


  • Customers pay for returns to the vendor, so please enclose details of how and where to return your product if a customer finds it unsuitable. Returns are at the customers cost.  A returns form sample can be found here and printed off for the customer: RETURNS FORM.

Photography & Product information

Our shoppers want to know EVERYTHING about your product. What it’s made of, how long/short/high/wide it is, how you wash it. To keep your returns rate down and to keep our shoppers delighted please include as much information as possible with each product so that they make very purchase safe in the knowledge they know as much as they can about it.

All the images you upload must be licensed to you.  Do not use images that you do not own the copyright to or do not have permission to use. Please use as many images as possible and make them as clear and professional as possible. Please follow the online guide for image size.  Once you have uploaded the details of a product please view on the store just to make sure it appears exactly how you want.

We will use the best images to promote products to our customers via email and social media, so the better the image the more likely we will be to promote your products.

Important notice regarding GDPR
The order details provided to you are strictly for the use of processing and dispatching orders. The GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) taking effect from May 2018 stipulates that a customer must have consented to use of their data and be made aware of what their data will be used for. If we become aware of any customer data being used for any other purpose other than processing and dispatching an order your store will be closed immediately, excluded from The Tall Collective, and you will be reported. This includes the use of customer data for email marketing purposes or sending of marketing literature (including brochures).

Useful links:

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